The Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 ,Café Racer-style Bike.

Updated: Apr 3


Before I share my views about the Vitpilen, let me introduce you to the husky first. The Vitpilen is manufactured by Husqvarna. A Swedish-Austrian manufacturer established in 1689.

Husqvarna is part of the KTM AG group, which owns both KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles.


The Low Clip-On handlebars with the minimalist body frame and the Neo-retro looks make the Vitpilen a perfect café racing bike in the market. I have encountered people who force me to stop at mid-highways aside and ask me about this bike, which makes me feel like I'm riding something different and unique.


On the performance side, the Vitpilen is almost identical to the KTM Duke(250), as it uses the same engine as the KTM. The Husqvarna Vitpilen is powered by a 246.7 cc engine that develops 29.63 bhp power and 24Nm torque.

The motorcycle looks slender, sleek. It has just two frames that cover the entire bodywork. With a fuel tank of just 9.5 liters and mileage of approx. 30-31 kilometers. The Vitpilen is best to consider for weekend and breakfast rides.

However, when I first saw the seat height of 842mm, it has troubled me a lot since my height is around 5.5 feet. Initially, it was difficult to place both my feet flat on the ground, but we humans tend to adapt quickly. It took me around 2-3 weeks to get comfortable with the seat height. Also, it wouldn't be a big surprise, if people remove the rear hugger and stock mirrors and replace them with tail tidy and bar end mirrors respectively. I say do it, this small modification will make the Vitpilen look more of a custom made motorcycle (yes, people have also asked me the question "Is this a custom made motorcycle?").

But then should you buy one?

My answer is a big YES!. Now before why, let me tell you the 'demerits' of the Vitplilen 250. First, the rider's position is very committed and aggressive which will force you to take frequent breaks between the ride if you are planning for a long trip. The second is about the fuel tank. Though the mileage of 30-31 km sounds good. However, I found myself getting familiarized with the guys at the fuel stations around the city because I visit them frequently because of the 9.5 liters of fuel tank. And the third would be the bike is too compact.

Other than these 3 particular reasons, I love the Husqvarna Vitpilen. The minimal styling, modern retro finish headlights, light weight, the LED's, the performance and the perfect cafe racer looks.

The Husqvarna Vitpilen is priced around 2.10 Lakhs(ex-showroom price Delhi).

Spirited, Striking, Swedish..   The Husqvarna Vitpilen 250.

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